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Protecting and beautifying make-up.

Can make-up beautify and protect our skin at the same time? Yes, it can! It all depends on...


How to prepare hair for the winter?

Winter. More just than a mean period for our hair. At this time of year, streaks turn into...


How to take care of hands and fingernails during winter?

If you want to warm up your frozen hands, prepare herbal baths. Add to water two tablespoons of...


Four ways for fixing your hairdo.

Every woman would like to look perfect. However, appearance is not about make-up only. The thing that also...


Rejuvenating treatments for body skin.

Youthful and beautiful look can be obtained very easily. The best possible way to take years off yourself...

winter girl

Winter body care part 1: capillary skin, acne skin, dry skin, combination skin.

Capillary skin. This kind of face skin type is extremely sensitive to temperature changes, pollution as it is...