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How to take care of hands and fingernails during winter?

How to take care of hands and fingernails during winter?

If you want to warm up your frozen hands, prepare herbal baths. Add to water two tablespoons of flax and boil the mixture on low heat for approximately quarter of an hour. After this time, you will produce a substance that is able to moisturise and relieve reddened hand skin. Ingredients of the second bath are chamomile, lime tree, bark of oak and other herbs that you like or just happen to keep in a kitchen’s cupboard. Cover these with boiling water and wait until the infusion cools down. After that, put the hands into the herbal baths and keep they underwater for several minutes. Obviously, choose the bath that, in your opinion, will bring the best effects.

Your hands will also use of scrubs. You can buy these cosmetics at a chemist’s or you can make this kind of a care product at home. Basically, you have to take into account what type of the cosmetic for epidermis exfoliation to choose (fine-grained, coarse-grained or enzymatic). Each one of these will succeed in completing the task of making your hands smooth and removing dead epidermis cells. Nevertheless, remember not to rub your hands too fiercely with the scrub since such activity might result in development of irritations. When you finish exfoliating your hands, apply a moisturising hand cream.

What is more, hand masks, compresses and paraffin wax will be also your ally with the struggle against dry hand skin. Shops are full of this kind of care products. The composition of the cosmetics should contain moisturizing or oiling substances as well as vitamins. When it comes to home remedies, give a go to a honey or potato and egg’s yolk hand mask. At bedtime, cover your hands with a cream and put on special gloves.

Furthermore, manicure is an extremely important part of hands and fingernails care too. Make cuticles softer by applying a cosmetic preparation regularly. Instead of covering your nails with a nail polish, put on a transparent nail conditioner with keratin. Reapply another layers every few days and remove all the coats after a week. Undergo the treatment once again. When it comes to filing, use only emery boards in order to limit risk of your fingernails being split or broken. Cut the nails short. Do not forget about gloves.

It is also advised to strengthen fingernails and hand skin from the inside. Dietary supplements that contain zinc, horsetail or E vitamin will be the perfect choice. Such pills will also strengthen your hair and provide a supplementary source of vitamins eliminating at the same time other ailments that you are struggling with during autumn-winter period.

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