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How to apply corrective make-up for lips?

How to apply corrective make-up for lips?

Narrow, asymmetrical or maybe big and wide? Regardless the shape your lips are, they can look amazingly. Probably, you are going to ask: ‘Yeah.., but thanks to what?’. Suffice to do lips corrective make-up. And you will need only two things for that, a lip-liner and either a lipstick or a lip-gloss. However, before you start correcting your lips, take care of their skin first. Dry and chapped lips require delicate dead epidermis cells exfoliation and moisturization provided by a moisturising lip-balm. When your lips are finally smooth, you can proceed with applying corrective make-up.

Corrective make-up for narrow lips.

Narrow lips are characterized by thin and poorly defined mouth. What is more, they lack of clear colour – they are almost invisible when compared with the face skin around them. For that reason, corrective lip make-up should make the lips optically bigger. Use a bright shaded lip-liner and outline lips on their outer side. Now, reach for a lipstick, that has the same shade as the lip-liner, and fill in the outline. At the end, apply a lip-gloss with a sparkling particles. Thanks to this technique, you add depth to the lips. It is worth realizing, the face make-up has to be soft and natural-looking. In other words, a foundation, a powder, a bronzer, and eye shadows cannot overwhelm the lips.

Corrective make-up for full lips.

Full lips are characterized by big and strongly pronounced mouth. Therefore, corrective make-up’s aim is to make lips looking as if they were smaller. Both a lip-liner and a lipstick of a shade similar to your skin tone, are expected to fulfil the task. Outline your lips on the inside and then fill them with a matte lipstick. Obviously, people who have big lips should avoid using lip-glosses and iridescent lipsticks. This delicately defined mouth can be hidden even more, if you apply heavy eye make-up and mark eyebrows precisely.

Corrective make-up for asymmetrical lips.

Asymmetrical lips can be recognized by the different size of upper and lower lips. As it is not hard to guess, corrective make-up depends on enlarging the smaller lip and reducing the size of the bigger lip with the aid of a lip-liner. It is suggested to choose muted shade of the cosmetic, that is similar to your natural skin tone. Narrow part of lips has to be outlined on the outside whereas the fuller lip has to be outlined on the inside. Naturally, after that, you have to fill in the outline with a lip-gloss. In this case, it is advisable to apply rather strong eye make-up, yet do not overdo it.

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