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To have eyelashes like curtains …

To have eyelashes like curtains …

Who would not want to have such eyelashes? Definitely all of us. For many women, lashes are the symbol of femininity and a guarantee of an appealing, seductive look. Meanwhile, let’s read some facts about our eyelashes and how the processes of their growth looks like as not so many of us can boast of beautiful luminaires of eyes.

Our eyelashes

The fact that our eyelashes are shorter on the lower eyelid and longer on the upper eyelid is known by all of us. But did you realize that our eyelids consist of 100 to 250 lashes? It’s very little, isn’t it?
No wonder that when they are thin and have a tendency to fall, you will not obtain the
“eyelash curtains” effect?

The process of exchanging our eyelashes is repeated approximately every six months. Of course, all of them do not fall out suddenly, but we lose them gradually. Shelf life of a single hair is about 100 days. After that time hair fall and new ones grow in their place. Unfortunately, this process depends on the level of our skin and the entire body nutrition. To have beautiful eyelashes, it is necessary to strengthen and nourish them appropriately.

What if we made eyelashes longer?

Of course this is possible; methods of extension and thickening have been known for centuries.
This does not means that they are effective and more importantly – good for our health and your natural hair.

Eyelash extension is very popular. It is efficient, provided that we are absolutely sure that the state of our natural hair is good. The eyelash extension means adding artificial fibers to natural eyelashes. Unfortunately, very often women’s eyelashes after undergoing this treatment begin to fall out quickly. Overloading natural hair is most probably the reason that causes the hair loss. Is it worth spending a large amount of money on a procedure that firstly, does not look natural and secondly, makes eyelashes even more weakened? We doubt that…

The second way is the thickening of eyelashes, sticking artificial tufts of hairs. Effects of this treatment are a bit more natural than in the case of extension but also you should take into an account the fact that, as the beautician assure, hair begin to peel quickly. The evidence is even the fact that this treatment should be repeated every few weeks. Is it worth again weakening natural lashes with a surgery that is so-lived?
Fortunately, there is still one way. Although will have to wait for effects for few weeks, it is true that it does not cause any side effects. Finely extended, darkened and even thick lashes can be obtained only through their nutrition from the inside. Thanks to the Nanolash nutrient we can change our eyes setting, giving them an incredible expression. After only two weeks you can notice first effects.

A reliable method for beautiful and long eyelashes

Nanolash is an eyelash nutrient based on natural ingredients. Its use gives surprising effects so that currently it is even proposed to women after the chemotherapy. In this case, the conditioner also stimulates the growth of eyelashes!

Thanks to the exceptional ingredients, after the application of this cosmetic we will feel the first effects just after two weeks. Our eyelashes will become more shiny and darker and will stop falling out. Nanolash makes every woman enjoy beautiful eyelashes. You only need to spend few minutes a day for applying the cosmetic along the lash line. The proof of a great success of Nanolash is thousands of satisfied women using conditioner all over the world.

Why Nanolash?

Only this conditioner will make your lashes completely unique. With the daily use of it for at least two weeks, lashes will not only become thicker but also more expressive. Many supplements of this type result in a number of allergic reactions and eyes redness. Nanolash, due to the presence of numerous extracts from cucumber, among other things, nourishes the skin around eyes.

It’s a real change in the field of cosmetology. The eyelash hair growth accelerator had been obtained for which the entire generation of women has waited for a long time! Try for yourself and join the group of owners of beautiful, dense eyelashes!

“When I was planning my wedding, I have also planned a visit at the beautician to lengthen my eyelashes. Fortunately, the list of duties was with my sister and she categorically forbade me to lengthen my lashes. I had no idea what was going on until she told me about her friend, who after such a surgery lost half lashes! I was so scared. Then my sister has instructed me to buy Nanolash and it hit the jackpot! The wedding was in two months, and my lashes are beautiful, long and extremely seductive! This opinion was confirmed by my delighted fiancé. Now I have beautiful and natural eyelashes!” Ann 25 London

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