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How to prepare hair for the winter?

How to prepare hair for the winter?

Winter. More just than a mean period for our hair. At this time of year, streaks turn into being dry, flat, weakened, and frizzy. What should be done then? Fortunately, there are methods of dealing with this unwanted situation. Suffice to moisturise, use conditioners, trim split ends, apply oils and keratin as well as pick the right kind of hat.

Hair Moisturization.

Hight temperatures and constant exposition to the sun foster loss of water and keratin from hair. For that reason, we should start moisturization the moment the autumn begins, just to be able to protect all the streaks during the winter more efficiently. What can we do in particular? For example, it is suggested to replace your daily shampoo with the one that has moisturizing properties. Such a cosmetic is expected to improve hair condition, nourish and prevent hair from being breakable and easy to electrify. It is also advisable to apply twice or three times per week moisturizing hair masks or conditioners.

However, you have to be aware of the fact that the conditioner cannot be applied directly on scalp since it may lead to excessive sebum production. And we would rather avoid this side effect of a hair care treatments. For that reason, such cosmetic has to be put on in the middle of hair total length. For dry and dehydrated hair you can use the conditioners containing B5 vitamin, argan or macadamia oil and silicone.

All kinds of oils and cosmetics containing keratin will also help with replenishing moisturization of hair. To clarify, oils are able to smooth, nourish and make streaks of hair glossy. What is more, these substances facilitate brushing and setting hair. Obviously, conditioners alike, oils have to be applied on in the middle of hair total length, or even on hair ends only. When it comes to keratin, this is a natural building material of hair that evaporates as easy as water does. Having this is mind, it is a good practice to supplement absence of this crucial building element of hair as well.

Trimming Dry and Split Ends.

Basically, it is advisable to trim hair ends during the winter. Streaks tend to become super dry and split when hidden under a heat, a scarf or a warm winter coat. So, when oils and hair conditioners are not powerful enough to restore the natural, pretty look of your hair, then visit a hairdresser. This ‘hair doctor’ will definitely help you. What is more, the professional will cut the most damaged part of hair. It is generally believed that hair ends trimming accelerates hair regeneration and its growth.

Warm Hat Is Good for Our Hair.

Do not be surprised by the fact that our hair condition is also affected by the kind of hat we wear. Tight hats made from artificial fibres make streaks looking flat and prevent scalp from breathing. Under such circumstances, next time you are shopping for a hat, pick the one that is made of natural fabric. Remember also, purchase the one that does not cling to your head yet does not slide onto the eyes.

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